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A letter to an 11 month younger me.

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Dear Kay,

You have always lived your life with passion, timely as they maybe. You have had your tryst with interests that may have culminated into a permanent affair (whatever permanent maybe defined as). Not unlike Picasso, if I may dare the comparison, you have had your blue periods of startups, marketing, content and shoes. But, just about now, you will realise that fashion will be the Bordeaux stain that will refuse to come out.

For sometime now, you have been the woman looking down a telescope, remotely interested but never fully plunged. This will be the passion that will envelope you, the art where you will spend your shining and not so shining hours.

There are days ahead, where the dive will seem like another example of self assumed talent and belief that you do not seem to have. But those days will be outnumbered rightly when you see yourself at work, day in and day out, protecting your realm of fashion. ANOME, will stand by it’s name, the creative side of YOUR soul.

There will be days trying out your patience, consistency to perform as you fight a very private battle. One that is only yours to cherish and win. The victories, and the failures are yours and yours alone. Maybe that’s the beauty of it. The loneliness is for no one’s understanding because it’s not their job too. You might be picking any handy rubble in the making, only to build your monument of reputation quickly, more so because no one said ‘God Speed’ when you wanted it most. But try and recall, your journey is going to be your selfish win, for no one else to claim for.

If you knew what trying was, you might want to redefine the term. You will question if urgency, deadlines, adrenaline rush and patience meant the same thing a year back. Trying will be the people around who wouldn’t understand why it needs to be done when it needs to be done. Trying will be situations and rejections. Trying will be when sleep mocks you because there is always so much to do. Trying will be to relearn ‘it all happens for good’ because it does.

You have always believed that fashion is the most powerful visual narrator of the times we live in. Imagine putting everything you have in making that belief resonate with hundreds of people out there. It’s not a task for the faint hearted! The toughest challenge will be to sell your effort, because what the eye doesn’t see and the mind doesn’t know, does not exist. You did not spend years learning what numerous talented people out there did, you did not lurk in the shadows of huge names before you decided to challenge them. Consequentially, you will be condemned and rewarded for it. Focus on the rewards for they are what will convert you from a Demi-vierge to completely deflowered and yet blooming energy!

Take good care of your dreams Kay. They are the only ones which are truly yours.

Yours faithfully,

Kay- a tad more wiser.


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